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Class: Line Based Portrait Workshop, 2019

Location: Franklin Art Centre

Note: In this 2.5 hours workshop, Alvin will introduce the technique to approach getting the right the proportion of the face, then using lines to create your own style of shading and texture in a portrait drawing. We aim to learn how to use the realistic drawing technique to create a unique line based portrait sketch in a limited timeframe! 

Class: New Zealand Alla-Prima Workshop, 2019

Location: Uxbridge Art Centre

Note: Explore using Alla Prima techniques to paint the realistic style landscape oil painting by using the photo reference. Student will be introduced to the difference of oil paint, painting brush and the method to start a realistic style oil painting, as well as the technique of Alla Prima. The tutor will offer tips and methods for correct lighting, shading and colour choices, also sharing his experience and research about painting an oil painting by using Alla Prima technique. This class will cover the methods that simplify the challenge of capturing a likeness. All abilities are welcome, as the class is structured to give one on one instruction to each student. 

Class: New Zealand Flora Workshop, 2018

Location: Uxbridge Art Centre