'Big Catch On Live Bait' at Nathan Homestead Arts Centre

Curator 策展人:

Alvin Xiong 熊炜

Philip Tse 谢宝泉


Artist 参展艺术家: 

Deng Jianjin 邓箭今,广州美术学院油画系副主任,教授。

He Jiancheng 何建成,广州美术学院油画系副教授, 广州美术学院油画系第三工作室主任。

Li Tao 李涛,广州美术学院副教授

Zhang Wei 张伟,广州美术学院副教授

Sun Jiaxuan 孙嘉旋,当代艺术家。

Zhu Donghui 祝东辉,当代艺术家。

OPENING: FRIDAY 15 JANUARY 2016 5:30 - 8:30 PM
EXHIBITION: 16 JAN - 21 FEB 2016

Curated by Alvin Xiong and Philip Tse
Hosted by Nathan Homestead Gallery


“When there is music together with food,
The audience will linger…” 
- Tao Te Ching

The emergence of Chinese contemporary art on the international art scene from the mid-2000s has fundamentally altered the structure of the international art trade. Why is Chinese contemporary art so impactful, important and relevant to the globalized art market? How do the Chinese artists cope with the shifting sands of change? What are they looking for?

BIG CATCH ON LIVE BAIT features six contemporary Chinese artists and academics from Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts. Their focus is more on social change as it is happening rather than on past struggles or historical events – the lost of roots, identity, community and homeliness due to rapid and rampart urbanization. Their works reflect the adjustment of China in the present day. Often their themes speak to people inside and outside the country: Deng Jian Jin’s deep thoughts in existence create dialogue that provoke viewers; He Jian Cheng explores the origin of life; Li Tao goes through the process of spiritual awakening and questions the meaning of life; Sun Jia Xuan focuses on the sense of being alive; Zhang Wei conveys emotion and logic; Zhu Dong Hui insists there is a metaphoric relationship in art and life. Blending their individual approach in art-making renders this exhibition unique and enjoyable.

New Zealand has a lot to offer these visiting artists - the land, the people, the culture and lifestyle. In Big Catch On Live Bait, these artists will present works they brought from China as well as new works they made during their stay in New Zealand. 

Let's look at their works as “Bait” and see what they can “Catch”. Perhaps a new impression of Aoteaoa - the Land of the Long White Cloud.


With more than ninety years of history, Nathan Homestead is today a centre for arts and community situated within the magnificent grounds of David Nathan Park on the southern outskirts of the city. With the direction and support of the Manurewa Local Board, the centre has renewed its commitment to the diversity of peoples and cultures in our community.

 弥森家园(Nathan Homestead)坐落于新西兰奥克兰市南郊风景优美的大卫·弥森公园( David Nathan Park)。这座建筑始建于近一个世纪以前,如今已成为当地的艺术和社区中心。在马努雷瓦区地方委员会(Manurewa )的指导和帮助下,弥森家园一直坚持为丰富当地居民生活和提高文化多样性不懈努力。

 It is with great pleasure that we are hosting six visiting artists from China for the exhibition Big Catch on Live Bait curated by Alvin Xiong and Philip Tse. This two part endeavour in the gallery gives visitors the opportunity to engage in conversation with the artists and to observe the development of their art as we chart a course for the centre as a creative hub for the development of the arts in New Zealand.

此次6位中国艺术家远道而来,由熊炜(Alvin Xiong)和谢宝泉Philip Tse)两人操刀策展,带来一场别开生面的《樂與餌》(Big Catch on Live Bait)艺术展,作为主办方,我们感到十分荣幸。未来,弥森家园将成为促进新西兰艺术发展的创意小站,这次中新双方通力合作,也让参观者有机会与艺术家互动交流,深入了解他们的艺术人生。


Echo Janman

Arts and Culture Facilities Manager
Studio One Toi Tū and Nathan Homestead

Arts, Community and Events

Auckland Council

New Zealand   



Studio One Toi Tū弥森家园艺术文化设施管理负责人

厄科·简曼(Echo Janman