Exhibition: The Feeling Memento in Vero Centre on 12th March 2015

Hi my friends,

I would warmly invite you to see my new light works in my exhibition 'The Feeling Memento' in one of the landmark buildings Vero Centre in Auckland CBD.

More details about the exhibition as followed:

Venue: Vero Centre lobby, Auckland CBD

Exhibition Dates: 12th March - 12th April, 2015

Beijing Blue, Light Emitting Diodes, Plexiglass, Vinyl, 900mm‍ square, 2015

Beijing Blue, Light Emitting Diodes, Plexiglass, Vinyl, 900mm‍ square, 2015


These new works are inspired by a true love story. All these artworks will be completed by time, maybe in ten days, ten months or ten years … 

The Feeling Memento

Love is always so great to remember, especially we fall in love and become one. Like Tagore said ‘Let life be beautiful like summer flowers and death like autumn leaves.’ That happy feeling of being in love is so beautiful, like the opened flower, but when the love is lost and gone suddenly without any notice, the love feeling becomes like the withered flower. Without water, without light, without fertiliser, it becomes weak and lifeless. You start trying to forget and escape the feeling of love lost and you question everything that was in your love story,
What? How? Why?... 

I use the LED strip to represent my feelings about the love story, the curve is for emphasising the emotion as I agree with Mondrian who said that ‘curves are so emotional’. 
When the LED strip is shinning and alive, it means that I still have that feeling of the legacy of love in my mind. Little by little, one day, the light will not shine. It means the feeling of this love story is gone, but at the same time, the piece of artwork is complete, it becomes my love feeling memento. The artwork has its new life and a new form forever.

Musicians can use their songs and albums to express the feelings in their heart. The feelings can be happy, excited, sad, angry, disappointed, etc. As an artist, I don’t want to talk about any great theory or involve any crazy idea in this exhibition. I just want to be ‘naked’ and show all the viewers a true artist heart. Also, all the viewers are my listeners, I hope you can enjoy my visual album, even if it tastes a little bit bitter and sad, but it is made in the particular period from a humble artists heart.



Alvin Xiong