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Corner Window Gallery 

curated by Rob Garrett

Address: corner on 478 K'rd, Auckland


Project 019: Alvin Xiong (NZ/CN)

Light Gemini, 2014
LED lights, electrical component, custom glass, wood panel
Independent (left) 1200 x 730 x 100 mm; Freedom (right) dimensions variable
27 November 2014 – 22 January 2015

Artist’s statement:
My project uses light as a medium to create painting. It is often the case that the term ‘light painting’ indicates the use of photography to capture the light tracks in a dark space. In that situation photographic ‘light painting’ is an action which is presented on a flat surface as a two dimensional picture. I’m interested instead to experiment with a form of light painting, which can use light itself to be the painting medium and the audience can feel light itself, colouring and illuminating the surface of the gallery wall.

I use mirrors to create the shades and intensities of colour normally produced with a painting brush. The mirrors control my special paint: light. The mirrors reflect the light source and also give me the capability to create subtle variations in the way light appears; like painting. In the project at Corner, my brush strokes are the different light lines reflected on the surface. Modern materials such as mirror and transparent light filters enable me to simulate a glazing process reminiscent of old master paintings. Just as they used transparent pigmented paint, to enhance colour tone, I aim to manipulate light.

About the artist:
Alvin Xiong (b.1987) is an Auckland-based multi-discipline artist. He holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in oil painting from Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts in China; and he is currently completing his Master of Fine Arts at Elam School of Fine Arts at the University of Auckland, New Zealand. Xiong has received several New Zealand art awards, including the Emerging Artist Award at the NZ Art Show, Wellington (2014); the Tertiary Award in The Trust Art and Sculpture Awards, Auckland (2014); and Best Digital Artwork Category in the National Youth Art Awards, Hamilton (2013). His work is exhibited in New Zealand and China. The artist’s personal website: